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Programme features

Course Lectures

Plenary course lectures will be given by 15 outstanding invited speakers (see the list of Invited Speakers) from all over the world. These lectures, also providing ample discussion time, will cover the areas of membrane biochemistry from membrane protein synthesis, through post-translational modifications to membrane trafficking, including the regulation of these functions. Lectures will also present the most up-to-date results on studying the structure and function, as well as complex interactions of membrane proteins.

Poster sessions

Poster sessions will be arranged in the main hall of the building during the entire period of the course. The posters will be presented by the authors in dedicated discussion sessions.   

Selected Short Talks

Several poster abstracts will be selected for short (10 mins) oral presentations and a 5 min discussion in dedicated Symposia. 

Flash Presentations

All poster presenters will be asked to participate in the Poster Bullet (flash presentation) sections, providing 5 mins summary of their posters.

Speakers' Corner

In lunch and dinner periods, as well as during the social events of the course, interactions will be facilitated between invited lecturers and course participants by arranging Speakers' Corner sessions.

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