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General information and course poster

Biochemistry of membrane proteins – structure, trafficking, regulation
FEBS Advanced Course
Budapest, Hungary
August 25–30, 2019

This course focuses on recent advances in membrane biochemistry, including new methods and data on structural aspects, membrane trafficking, and the complex regulation of membrane protein expression and function. Outstanding invited speakers will give plenary lectures on these topics, while plenty of time will be dedicated for poster discussions and short oral presentations by young investigators, selected from among the applicants. Informal discussions and attractive social events will promote the interaction of young and experienced scientists in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Preliminary list of topics:

  • Biogenic amine transporters – regulation of transport and cellular signaling
  • Membrane trafficking in diseases
  • Crystals and cryo EM in membrane protein studies
  • The role of membrane proteins in cellular calcium regulation and signalling
  • Membrane receptor trafficking - the role of beta arrestins in receptor function
  • Complex bacterial membrane nanomachines for toxin and antibiotic export
  • Role of extracellular vesicles in immune regulation
  • Structural analysis of membrane transporters at an atomic level
  • Structure and function of membrane ATPases
  • Regulation of bacterial life by channels and transporters
  • Trafficking of membrane vesicles
  • The role of membrane trafficking in intracellular organization
  • Complex regulation of human membrane transporters
  • Immune regulation by large membrane protein complexes
  • Membrane proteins and stress responses in bacteria

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